Our Story

How did we get here?

I recently returned from the Dominican Republic where I felt God confirmed for me that I should take a risk on my dreams.  He did that by showing me my strengths and giving me the opportunity to make jewelry with a group of women in a small village (Project I See you) I was able to help them refine and create a higher quality product that has a better chance of selling in the US. I love this and truly believe that creating jobs in places like this is what truly makes ministry and relationships sustainable.  People first and foremost need to know Jesus, but secondly to be empowered and know the dignity of work and have the opportunity to do so.

I started brainstorming in May of 2015 on ways I can do this around the world. My friend had recently visited friends in Kenya who have a ministry in Nairobi. They have trained 80 people in the slums to sew and make products to sell.  These products are mainly bought as items to support the ministry, but I had a thought, “What if we can improve these into fashionable products that would sell because of the quality and their mission?  Then we could actually create a more sustainable business for these people.” I wanted to figure out how I could help missionaries and non-profits around the world do just this!  

The Vision of Freedom Collective International

The Need: Many non-profit organizations and missionaries are doing amazing work to create jobs for some of the most vulnerable and at-risk people groups around the world. They are making a difference by teaching these people a skill or trade and then helping them sell those products so they can rise above poverty. Product development and sales may not be their forte so...

That's where Freedom Collective International steps in to help.

Our Vision: Our passion lies in empowering men and women with the skills and tools to help them rise above poverty. By coming alongside existing organizations, Freedom Collective International partners with them by offering consultation and expertise throughout every state of job creation and production.

  • Improving existing product lines and designs

  • New product development ideas

  • Training and equipping employees

  • Sales, Marketing and Branding consultation

  • Product Distribution strategies

Who Do We Partner With? 

Project I See you The Te Veo (I See You) Jewelry line is designed by Freedom Collective International and crafted by the women of Project I See you in La Victoria, DR.  Freedom Collective (Kelly) creates the line and then travels to the DR to train the women, work with them and laugh (A LOT) as we make the new product line. It is created from local materials such as cow horn and coconut shells. 

Project I See you exists to pour into women’s worth and value. This product line was inspired by the idea of beauty of poverty and extravagance dancing together, which is the heart of the Dominican culture and architecture.


Musana Community Development Program

The Musana line is designed by Freedom Collective International and crafted by the women of Musana Community Development Organization in Iganga, Uganda.  These women are part of their sewing, Knitting and Tailoring program.  

Every item that is made not only supports Freedom Collective International and Musana, but provides an income for the women, enabling them to provide for themselves and their  families.



Sisterhood Line

 The Collective Sisterhood has been built, made, woven together. It represents the melding of women from different cultures, different locations. The Collective is saying to each other “I See You”. Each piece of jewelry is a maker piece that has truth in it’s bones, the truth of a carefully crafted woven fabric of relationship that brings to bear a foundation, support and talisman for you to draw strength from, for you to feel beautiful in, for you to connect yourself to this energy of sisterhood. Put them on, dance in them, be sad in them, but know that you have chosen to enter in and are seen.

Sisterhood Collaborations:

Wooly Wax Candles

Freedom Collective International and Wooly Wax Candles.  We sat down and created a scent that portrays the word sisterhood in a candle!  So amazing!  I love her work and she is a local female entrepreneur that I love supporting in the Sisterhood Line.  She is a sister with us all!

What an incredible opportunity to work with these two organizations and meet the beautiful women who are a part of them!

Contact us for more information on consulting or sales needs. We would love to work with you! 


-Freedom Collective International Owner and Founder